Slots N Games - £50,000 prize pool!

The Big Win

Slots N Games will be giving away £50,000 cash.

This promotion will start on the 1st of March 2013 and will end of 14th June 2013.

How to take part

★ 1 ticket for each £100 wagered
★ Drawing one weekly winner from the pool of players with valid tickets : each of these players will be a weekly winner and they will receive £1,000 cash.
★ Having the four weekly winners participating in a semi-final contest at the end of the month, where one of the four will win a place in the Grand Finale along with £3,000 cash.
★ Repeat the mechanic for three months, at the end of which we will have three “Finalists”, plus a fourth finalist which will be elect via a “Wild Card” mechanic.
★ The four “Finalists” will participate in a head to head competition and one of them will win £25,000 cash.
★ Consolation prizes will also be available for players who haven’t won any prizes in the month. They will be able to vote for the player who they think will win a place in the semi-final each month. All players who guess correctly will get and equal share of £1,000 cash. This applies to March, April and May.

Enjoy it!



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